Here’s how to do it.


1. Choose a photo that is ideal for Shine dreams editing.

Shine dreams  transforms photos; it does not recreate them. We build off the foundation of a photo instead of erasing it. Instead of submitting a photo featuring only the upper half of your body with the desire to be edited into you running on the beach, submit a full-body photo of you running. Choose a photo whose premise is fit for transformation instead of recreation.


2.  Tell your editor what you want.

This is where you can hone your creativity! After uploading your photo, you will tag areas of your photo to explain to your editor what you would like done. This can include choosing from our variety of archived Look Book backgrounds, or asking for a strand of hair caught in the wind to be removed from your face.


3. Wait for your photo.

Your photo should take around one day to edit, give or take. During this period, your editor might contact you through the Shine dreams app with clarification questions.


4. Receive your photo.

It is exciting to see the final product of your vision! We understand that the first round of edits might miss some of what you were looking for or prompt desires you didn’t know you wanted until you got your photo back. Because of this, we offer a second round of edits free of charge.


5. How does Shine dreams retouch my photos?

Every single photo that we receive to one of our trained and certified professional photo editors who will make your photos look their absolute best. Shine dreams photo editors use programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom to edit your photos.Photo edits are reviewed by a manager before they are approved and sent to you.

6. What are the options for retouching my photo? How do I tell my editor what I want?

If you know exactly what you want, you can touch anywhere on the screen once you upload your photo, choose from a menu of options, and then type more specific instructions to follow in your own words. The menu includes: change background, remove object, change overall color, smooth skin, crop photo or other. Be as detailed as possible. If you do not know exactly what you want, tell us to work our magic, and let us surprise you! Our editors are pretty talented, if we must say so ourselves, so we are certain you'll love it either way.

7. What do Shine dreams strive for when editing?

Unless you specify otherwise, it is our goal to make every photo look like it came straight out of a camera, with no visible traces of Photoshop. Whether we are replacing the background, or removing objects, we want it to look natural and beautiful. We will also balance colors and go for the most natural look unless you otherwise specify. Although photo filter are very trendy, we aim for the classic and natural look. Let us know if you would like something else, however, and we are more than happy to provide whatever it is that you are looking for.

8. What edits are difficult to guarantee?

Object removal - We wish photos worked like real life... where we could remove your sunglasses with a special tool in Photoshop, and your eyes were right there beneath them. But unfortunately, all we discover when we remove something is blank white space. We do not know what your eyes look like (or any other part of you), so unless you email customer support with a back-up photo of the body part being blocked by the object we are removing (at a similar angle), it will be near impossible for our editors to get a nice result. As far as backgrounds are concerned, if you want us to delete those pesky people who are blocking the full view of the landmark are standing in front of, please let us know the name of it so we can replace the missing parts. If its just a generic picture of the woods, a beach or a sunset for example, we will choose the closest background we can find to what was there, and replace it with that. Please see item 12 to explain more about how to do this.

Overly blurry/grainy photos - If only we could clear-up a blurry photo as easily as we can blur a clear one. But photos consist of pixels which are essentially tiny bits of visual information. The blurrier and grainier a photo, the less information that is there. It doesn't matter what we do, we cannot access the original information that, either because of bad lighting or motion, was not captured when the photo was taken. We an make it a little better in some cases, but most of the time there isn't much we can do.

Sun glares/Shadows - People love outdoor photos on sunny days, but cameras do not... Especially when someone is standing under a tree or wearing a hat, which creates dark shadows juxtaposed with white sunspots (or glares). If you can see through the shadows and glares to your features, then we can likely save your photo and do some fancy retouching to remove some of the extreme lighting, but if the shadows and sunspots are opaque (or solid), then we have no information to work with. We will need you to send customer support a back-up photo of the object or person being obstructed by the glares/shadows at a similar angle to the way they are in the photo we are retouching so we can patch things up. Otherwise, we will do our best to work with the photo to make it as nice as possible with the shadows/glares remaining.

9. How long does an order take?

It is our goal to get you your order within 24 hours.If you have placed an order and have not received it within 24 hours, please feel free to contact Support and we will help confirm everything is running smoothly with your order!

10. What types of photos should I upload?

You can upload directly from your phone. Jpeg files only please! Please upload a higher resolution file if possible. If you do not know how to check the resolution, make sure the file size is at least 500KB. If the photo is extremely grainy and/or blurry when you look at it or zoom in, it will be hard for your Krome editor to work with. If you want to use an old photo that is printed, scanning is best. If you do not have a scanner and wish to photograph it, please take the photo straight on, use no flash, and take the photo in good lighting to avoid reflections.

11. What if I don't like my retouched photo?

Our goal is to make you happy! If your retouched photo is not perfect, we are happy to revise it for you. To request a Re-Edit, or revision, to your photo please click My Orders and select the order from the list. Then you can click Message to view the message from your editor and you will see a button labeled Re-Edit. Click Re-Edit and then you can type in your request for changes. Please make sure to specify what you would like your editor to change. As part of our commitment to ensure you love your edited photo, there is no charge for your first Re-Edit. If further adjustments are desired, we have an affordable re-edit system in place for our customers. Re-edits following your free one will cost only 20% of actual fee.

12. Are my photos backed up? Can I access my photos on the web?

Every photo you order is mirrored on the Shine dreams website and backed up for you free of charge. You can also access your photos from the web by signing in to the Dashboard at www.shine Use the e-mail address and password you entered when you created your account in the Shine dreams app.

13. How can I access my retouched photos?

Click on My Orders to view your retouched photos. When you click on each photo thumbnail you will see a before/after viewer: tap on Original and Retouched to toggle between the two versions of your photo. Click Download to save the photo to your Camera Roll, or click Share to share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

14. Are there any restrictions to the types of photos you will edit?

We are happy to edit any photo except those subject to copyright restrictions or containing explicit material at our sole discretion. If an order contains images that go against this policy, Shine dreams will provide a refund and cancel the order.

15. Shine dreams Guarantee

Your full satisfaction is our goal. If you are not happy with your retouched photos we will gladly revise your photos, or provide you with a full refund. For a revision to your photo, please click My Orders and click on the order.Then you will see a button labeled Re-Edit and you can type in your request there. Please contact Support for additional questions.

16. What if I need to reference another photo?

You may wish to provide a supporting photo for reference for your editor. If you want to show us what something that is being blocked looks like, give us a background you would like to swap in, or anything else, please add a link to the photo in the comments section of your order.