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Posted on 07 Jun 2017

Tips for making fun photos

Tips for making fun photos

Five Tips for Making Family Photos Fun


Holidays are prime time to snap ample photos of your child in the sweater grandma knitted or making snow angels. But sometimes photographing kids can be a pain
— they won’t sit still, they refuse to smile for the camera, or suddenly turn timid. To overcome these difficulties when photographing youngsters, we created a list of tips for your holiday shoots!

Let the Picture Create Itself

You’re standing there with your camera lens pointed at your child but they glare at you with crossed arms. It’s frustrating, but don’t lose it — just like you tell your kids, you need to be patient.

It’s easy for us to imagine the ideal photograph we want to capture. However, staging that vision can be restrictive and dull for kids. Sometimes, it’s best to let go of our predetermined desires.

Don’t force your child to strike a specific pose or fake a smile. No one, especially kids establishing their newfound autonomy, wants to feel controlled. Instead of positioning your child with their hand here and their foot there, give them space to be themselves in order to capture their true persona. You may envision the ideal social media post of your son in his suit, but he may be most excited and natural in his Star Wars costume. There is always room for compromise, but remember: a resonant photo captures an authentic moment that tells a story.

Make it Fun

While some children love the attention of having their photo taken, others feel uncomfortable with all eyes on them. This can be detrimental to your photos because if the smile isn’t genuine, it shows in the image.

Instead of rigidly taking photos, try creating a light-hearted atmosphere. Tell jokes
to your kid, laugh with them, and ask them fun questions to get them engaged and excited.Try to distract them with something else by pointing out details in your surroundings that you think they’ll find interesting and photograph their reaction.

The more fun you make the photography experience for the child, the more likely they’ll cooperate.

Channel Your Inner Child

As we grow older, the playfulness and openness that once defined us often disintegrates. Approach your photographs with the spirit of spontaneity that children possess and respond to best! This mindset entails capturing as many photos as possible and following your child wherever they wander. A child’s exploring can prompt a sweet moment to be captured on camera, whether they find a colorful holiday decoration indoors, or see wildlife outside.

And it’s important to always have your camera ready, just in case there’s a quick moment you need to shoot instantly. Be sure to keep your camera on the fastest settings, or practice swiping open the camera on your phone quickly so you can snap shots before the moment passes. Additionally, don’t be afraid to be sneaky about taking the photos; sometimes drawing attention to the photographer spoils the moment.

Mix It Up

Photographing the same headshot over and over will only leave you with monotonous photos. Instead, try focusing on your child’s hands, eyes, or profile so you capture an assortment of perspectives.

Adding props and changing your child’s outfit will also give you a wide selection of photos as well as keep your child — and even you — from growing bored.

You might also consider taking a great photo of your child with a neutral background, which can be swapped out with a variety of our Lookbook designs.

Shine dreams for the Holidays 

If your photographs don’t have an ideal background, the lighting is faulty, or they just don’t live up to what you had in mind, Shine dreams is here to transform that. Why send out holiday cards where your child’s face is covered in shadow or strands of hair? Too often, a family holiday photo session results in pictures where at least one person is distracted, has their eyes closed, or well, it’s always something, isn’t it?

Shine dreams can take multiple photos and take the best looks from each member of your family and unite them in a single, lovely photo. With your direction, our experts craft your photos into your ideal image. You can choose the perfect background, and we’ll adjust the technical parameters to bring out the very best in your moment.

With Shine dreams, reimagining your photos is possible — any photo of your child can be tailored to the way you want it to be — just in time for the holidays.